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Morning ‘Prep’.

The secret to doing a job well is morning preparation. Before arriving on site, it’s really important to have all the equipment and materials required for that job. A stop at the suppliers to pick up paint or something else is not unusual. It’s a real hassle having to leave a job just to go and pick up a forgotten item. This can involve having to securely shut the premises, going through the parking hassle or even having to go on a mission to find the missing item. All these factors disrupt work, eating up precious working hours.

Home Office or Office Block?

A typical day really depends on the type of job at hand. An industrial job will involve working as part of a large team and often entails painting and decorating offices, hallways, blocks of flats to name a few. Self-employed work, is mostly smaller scale and involves working alone or with one or two helpers, depending on the size of the job. Typically, this involves decorating a house or flat for someone who responded to an advert in the local ‘rag’ simply stating, ‘Painter and Decorator London’.

General Duties.

A painter and decorator is responsible for preparing a surface material such as metal, plaster, stone or wood and then applying the required finish which could be wallpaper, paint or varnish. The job requires the ability to pay close attention to detail, ensuring a professional and aesthetically pleasing finish.

For me, preparation is the only tedious part of my job. This involves sealing off surfaces with masking tape, removing furniture and covering the floor with a protective layer such as plastic sheets to mention a few. Once all that’s done, I can get creative. If working in a person’s home, it’s important to respect the clients personal space and possessions.

If working on a construction site, the safety aspects of the job are often increased. For example, working in areas where there are hazards such as machinery and chemicals or working at heights which will require the use of harnesses and ropes.

Working unsociable hours and at weekends is not unusual if working on a self-employed basis, but there’s generally more freedom of movement and room for creative flair.

Working for a construction firm has the benefit of finishing the day early, but the jobs are more rigid with a set of requirements which must be completed in a specific and exacting way. It’s nice to have a mixture of the two, just to keep things interesting.