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Hiring a professional painter and decorator to give your home’s interiors a make over is an excellent idea. To ensure that you get the look that you want for your living space, it is highly advisable to hire the very best professional painter and decorator for your budget. Follow these four tips regarding what to look out for when using a London painting and decorating company like Ports Prestigious and you will not be disappointed.

1. Their portfolio of past work

An established painter and decorator will have a portfolio of past projects that they will be able to show you. It could include photographs of completed projects along with relevant dates and reviews from their previous clients. This will help you to get a feel for their work, and also reassure you that they know what they are doing.

2. The budget

Though you might be willing to pay a little extra for a really good painter and decorator, it is crucial to find someone who will complete the work that you require within your budget. Don’t be shy about being upfront about this, as it will avoid confusion and sticky situations later. One issue to discuss is overtime: if the project is not completed on time, will you pay your painter and decorator for their additional hours, or will you only pay them to complete the work during a set time frame? If you are unsure about the legal aspects of this, consult a solicitor or other employment law expert beforehand.

3. Their attitude

Particularly if yours is going to be a long project, it is crucial to find a painter and decorator that you are going to get along with. Many homeowners are quite hands on when it comes to interior design and like to work alongside painters and decorators so the project becomes more of a joint undertaking. A good painter and decorator will have a friendly and professional attitude, combining knowledge and experience with good people skills.

4. Their qualifications and accreditations

Though a BA in fine art is not a necessity for an interior designer, qualifications in relevant areas (such as painting, plastering, and woodworking) will demonstrate that your painter and decorator has the training and the know how that is required to do the job well.